Wireless Finger Mouse For Mobile or Computer, Good For Gaming?

Hi, 2.4GHz Wireless Optical Finger Mouse really looks cool, but you have ever wondered how much better it is? Let’s talk about it briefly.

First great thing about this finger mouse, its very cheapest mouse coming at just 5$ or ₹350 to ₹400 INR. Best Buy Link (WIRELESS FINGER MOUSE)

Was it only amazing! Huhh i don’t think so, because when i using it in place of normal mouse i really appreciate its comfortable feeling. I just love this Finger Mouse.

When you’ll use it for first time you have to face little trouble to control because of its smoothness! No worry you’ll must find yourself smart on using it after the first experience.

Control and usage of this mouse is of course easy. It has two normal key and a full wheel rotatable trolley. As compared to normal mouse i think it has better look which shown below.

You can insert single AAA battery in this Finger Mouse. It has also a power button to turn off while not in use. By chance if you forgot to shut down then worry not because it has sleep mode features to save the battery.

Design & quality is worth its price, you don’t have to feel worry after buying this mouse! 

There is various type of cons & pros review about this finger mouse at YouTube or other social network. All are perfectly right in own way of discussion.

Overall it gives 99.99% comfortable feelings & easy to control. Remember i’m not talking about first time use only! Everything at first time is not easy as compare of most time usage.

What’s about Gaming control with this mouse? How to wear and set in your finger for better control! Usage with Mobile and Computer.

My opinion while i play PUBG MOBILE game on Tencent Gaming Buddy Emulator using this Finger Mouse, than of course its okay as compare to normal mouse but never better then a Gaming Mouse.

Its a great mouse for normal & professional or long time usage but never okay for all type of smart work.

To know how to wear & set in your finger for better control & usage with Mobile and Computer, (Gameplay Test) watch the video below.

All the best!

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