How To Shoot 360 Degree Photo On Android | Take 360 Degree Photo Any Smartphone

Capture 360 Degree Photo Using Any Android Smartphone!

Jeddy Buddy! You guys can shoot 360 degree photo using your android smartphone easily. Just you have to follow few steps to use this awesome feature of mobile camera.

Actually sphere mode allow you to do this type of photoshooting, that’s why we have to enable it in your smartphone.

How To Enable Sphere Mode Camera?

Its very easy to enable ‘sphere mode’ camera. We will do this using official Google Camera installation. Here i’m providing you 2 alternative download. First one is basic but works in every smartphone and second one is advance and may not stable with few of your smartphone.

Try out ‘Google Camera Alt. 2’ first if doesn’t works then use ‘Google Camera Alt. 1’

Google Camera Alt. 1

Google Camera Alt. 2

What Is Google Camera? Is It Safe To Download And Install! How?

‘Google Camera’ is a camera application which provided by Google LLC. It is also known as GCam in short form. In fact Google Camera is officially available at Google Play Store but you can’t download from there if you have another smartphone except Google Pixel.

Video Tutorial [Watch Now]:

Currently Google is not serving all android smartphone with GCam directly. So you have to download and install it from another trusted website. Here i’m providing you download link via Google Drive. It means extra secure, because you know well Drive terminate unsecure file immediately.

Where We Will Find Sphere Mode In GCam/Google Camera App?

If you have installed Google Camera Alt. 1 then you will find Sphere Mode in three line menu at GCam homepage, or if you have installed Google Camera Alt. 2 then you will find Sphere Mode by swiping camera’s homepage towards ‘more’ and select there to use.

I hope it made easy now to you for taking 360 degree photo using your any android smartphone. Have a good luck.

Thaπk You!

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