Download Google Camera Any Xiaomi Devices | Redmi, POCO & Mi |MIUI GCam

Jeddy Buddy! GCam for All Xiaomi Devices Download Now.

Do you guys know? Google Camera is 100% supported with every Xiaomi, Redmi, POCO & Mi devices and here we’re going to provide you download link.

Even Google Camera is available officially on Play Store but you can’t download it from there. So its not much easier to understand which one will work better for your devices.

Download link of Official Google Camera! [GCam]

Here i’ve given download link of GCam/Google Camera below. Mind it “Google Camera Alt. 1” is little older version with few less features but works with maximum Xiaomi devices.

While “Google Camera Alt. 2” is latest version with many advance features but it may unstable with old and entry level Xiaomi devices! Even it works well with mid range all Xiaomi, Redmi, POCO and Mi devices. I will add more GCam soon with every dedicated Xiaomi devices.

Google Camera Alt. 1

Google Camera Alt. 2

Is it safe to download & install GCam from here? If yes, then how?

Yeah! Here it is 100% safe to download because i am providing you official Google Camera APK. Which i have tested personally with many Xiaomi & other devices.

Files which i’ve provided you, uploaded to google drive. That means an excellent and ultra secure item. You better know google drive immediately terminate unsecure file.

Video Tutorial [Watch Now]:
Full Step to download and install GCamera/Google Camera from here?

Its very easy to download and install. Simply click on any button from download section above. Now select drive to open, and choose your google account. Finally download it offline to install.

What is Google Camera or GCam? Why it is not available to download from Play Store Directly for every devices?

Google Camera comes with lot of advance & interesting features made by Google LLC. Officially Google LLC providing it with own Google Pixel & other devices currently.

According to Google middle or entry range smartphones is not compatible with latest GCam or Google Camera. In such a way if we use older camera in these smartphones found it works well.

Definitely at the moment Google don’t want to provide support of Google Camera with other smartphones. Hopefully we can say it will be available in future by Google LLC.

Thaπk You!

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