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Hi everyone, Downlaod BA Part 1 (Bachelor of Arts) Syllabus for year 2018-21.

Definitely a Syllabus make easy to characterise any Course of Study. In Degree/Graduation level complete course are little long in comparison of Course of Study.

So yeah we get support of Syllabus to figure out what should i study & important to learn.

How all topics covered in a Syllabus! Pattern of Subjects in a Course of Study.

A specific Honours, Subsidiary & Compulsory Subject of Course of Study are often listed serial wise in a Syllabus.

These things need: to prepare Course of Study using Syllabus.

According to my thoughts Syllabus make confident to attempt every topics, because in a Syllabus whole topics of a subject are compressed into 10 or 20 main topics.

To study & learn any subject we need two important idea which are, 1st one thing is ‘confident’ that i can do it and 2nd thing is ‘guide’ that what & how to do!

It is not necessary we need a teacher, professor or faculty for guide. Just think guide is not a motivational word, it is a path to reach our goal. In fact path can be our Syllabus or book.

What if we prepare Course of Study by self study. Success or not?

Of course idea based study is better than guidance of teacher but we need all time confident.

Out of all opinion if stucked into a questions then don’t worry, we have many choices to resolve it! Find it it on Google/Quora, watch a YouTube video which describes it or if possible get help by discussing with friends.

Overall if not solved then leave a comment here of your question, we’ll try to find out solution.

Download BA Part 1 (2018-21) Syllabus (All University of Bihar state.)

  1. L. N. Mithila University BA Part 1 Syllabus (2018-21) Download Now [Size 20MB]
  2. J.P. University BA Part 1 Syllabus (2018-21) Download Now [Size 30MB]
  3. Magadh University Bodhgya Courses, Regulation & Syllabus [Official Link]
  4. Patliputra University UG Courses & Syllabus [Official Link]
  5. Patna University PG Courses & Syllabus [Official Link]

Note:- Syllabus of more university will be added soon. You can check out any of above syllabus until i upload syllabus of more university, because all are similar.

What is Syllabus?

In short form syllabus is a list of all topics which are listed in a course of study.

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