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Hi Everyone, Today i gonna sharing a secret setting with you to fix and keep “airtel 4G Only or airtel LTE Only”. So yeah let’s move on the topic directly, by taking a short discussion on it?

As guys you know, airtel’s network type fluctuate sometimes on automatic mode whereas good coverage area. That’s why we face difficulty to enjoy better speed while surfing Internet Service.

We noticed fluctuation not depends upon device network strength catching capability or real time network strength in case of airtel. Just it fluctuates in own way, which look like due to operator or network provider system bug.

However i found good 4G Only network but only at better coverage area but it also fluctuates in airtel case.

Huhh i don’t have more words to say completely actually whats wrong with it!

Overall i believe airtel 4G is India’s Fastest 4G Network which has proved by Ookla the SpeedTest Network, but only when airtel holds at “True 4G or LTE” only network type. Which is currently definitely not possible.

I know, airtel Improving own network day-by-day & will be okay soon.

What’s the secret setting and on which devices it applicable? Here i listing all the device which will support this trick to make ‘airtel 4G or LTE Only’ fix.

According to me this method is special for few Samsung Devices. If you’re finding for another device, than don’t worry here is also an universal trick which works on all device. Check the link below this article or use search option to find out.

If you stucked into Stack 1 or Stack 2 option using this method than try this one (currently unavailable).

Below are the whole step to set airtel 4G Only or airtel LTE Only network type from automatic network type.

  • Step – 1

Go to dialpad on your Samsung Mobile & type there *#0011# to reach ServiceMode, as shown below.


  • Step – 2

Now click on ‘MORE’ as shown below in the picture, after that click on ‘Key Input’, type there capital ‘Q’ and press ‘OK’ now again click on ‘MORE’.

  • Step – 3

This time click on ‘Back’, after that again click on ‘MORE’ now choose ‘Key Input’ type there 0000 and press ‘OK’ (wait for 15 to 20 seconds) now you reached ‘MAIN MENU’ here click on ‘DEBUG SCREEN’.

  • Step – 4

Under ‘DEBUG SCREEN’ click on ‘PHONE CONTROL’ after that ‘NETWORK CONTROL’ after that ‘BAND SELECTION’ now choose the slot in which airtel inserted “BAND SELECTION SIM 1 or BAND SELECTION SIM 2″.


  • Step – 5


Under ‘BAND SELECTION MENU’ you’ll find network type is set to ‘AUTOMATIC [*]’, ‘WCDMA[*]’ or ‘GSM[*]’ by default. Manually choose there ‘LTE 1 BAND[ ]’, after that choose LTE ALL [ ]. Wait for 15 to 20 seconds and your 4G only Network is back.

Thats All! 

For better understanding watch this video tutorial, which is below.

Limitiation of this trick!!

  • You can’t use calling services while using this trick, to use the call service you have to switch back to ‘AUTOMATIC’, ‘3G’ or ‘2G/GSM’ mode network type.

Thanks for reading this article! If you have any further question or problem, than feel free to ask below on comment section we’ll be happy to reply & serve you.

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